What Is Evacle?

A Medical Waste Solution

Hospital Waste Is A Potential Infectious Hazard To Health Care Workers & The Public As Well As Detrimental To The Eco System.

Introducing the Evacle Solution

The evacle automated system is engineered to disinfect biohazard waste whilst shredding.the disinfectant deactivates effectively all pathogens including viruses , bacteria/spores,fungi and yeast.the disinfectant which is a hydrogen peroxide based solution is safe and enviromental friendly.

The Transformation

Simultaneous with the disinfecting of the waste, shredding process renders the waste
mostly into 1” size parts and reducing waste volume by up to 90%.

How Does It Work?

The heart of the system is a shredder which cuts the waste into less then 1 inch pieces. During shredding cycle the System immerses the waste in a special disinfection fluid that inactivates the organic and Pathogenic matter in the Waste. After a cycle of 12 minutes it ends with the final results.

Operation is fully automatic and safe. One cycle contain
80 Litres of Medical Waste

3 stages of 15 minutes cycles. :

Lets Summarize the current problems :

• Safe & Large Waste Storage Space Required

• Rigid Despatch Schedule Of Bio Hazardous Waste

• Exposure To Rodents/ Pests Is A Potential Health Risk

• Increasing Waste Volume Results In High Costs

• Ensuring Infectious Waste Transported Out Does Not Endanger Public Health

• Dependant On Reliable And Special Fitted Trucks /Transportation

• Monitoring That Infectious Waste Is Not Illegally Recycled

Today’s Solutions



Shredder + Microwave

Shredder + Autoclave

Can We Make It Better

YES! with the evacle medical waste shredding and disinfectant machine

Medical infected waste constitutes danger to people and risk to our environment. Since the use of incinerators is limited and alternatives are expensive.

Evacle Features

Evacuation & Collection Together

Hospital Waste Is A Potential Infectious Hazard To Health Care Workers & The Public As Well As Detrimental To The Eco System.

Safe & User Friendly, With Automated Operation
Environment Friendly, Complies With Established Eco System Regulations.
Reduces Waste Volume Up To 90%
Offers Significant Cost Savings In Waste Transportation
Treatment At Site of Waste Origin
Effective Waste Treatment Process Deactivates Infectious Pathogens @ STAATT Level iii
Complies With Who Standards On Safety & Health
Reduces solid waste landfill footprint of healthcare waste up to 90%

Transportation to Processing Centres

Transportation and labour costs reduction by almost 50% compared to cost of hauling untreated waste.
Treated waste can be handled and transported as ordinary trash.

What Can Go Into Evacle ?



Medical waste bags

Red bag waste


Pathological waste

Suction canisters

Plasma filters

Surgical tubing

Surgical waste

Lab ware


Clinical waste bags

Trace chemo

Evacle Specification

* STAAT : State and Territorial Association on Alternate Treatment Technologies.

** Level III : Inactivation of vegetative bacteria, fungi, all viruses, mycrobacteria and bacillus. Stearothermophilus spores at 104 or greater; or bacillus artopheus spores at 104 or greater with chemical treatment.


The Safe Eco Friendly Disinfectant

After the cycle ends the used solution is discharged into the sewer where it degrades spontaneously within 30 minutes leaving no residue.

• Within 15 minutes disinfects infectious waste at levels higher than set regulatory demands.

• No enviromental impact.

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